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Tours and Adventures

We provide full service tours of warm ponds, tidepools, land tours of the volcano, boat tours of the lava flow into the ocean and many other adventures. We are in association with Bed & Breakfast places, local farms, Eco-resorts and adventure service providers.

Please call us for a customized tour that will delight the bold adventurer in you.

Please check out our Aquahomes page for ordering opae ula. Aloha!

Standard Tours:

Volcano Tour - Land Tour of the Kilauea caldera and the Kalapana lava flow and Chain of Craters. See the expansive crater and steam vents. This is dependent upon current volcanic conditions and
includes lunch at the historic Kilauea Lodge.

Ocean Lava Tour - Boat Tour of the fantastic lava flows from Kilauea to the ocean. Feel the heat, see the sparks and the steam first hand from a very unique vantage point. Sunrise or Sunset tours available.

Eco Tour - Tour of organic farms using sustainability and permaculture methods to produce delicious, heathy foods. Experience real food at its peak. Talk to the farmers and chefs.

Dolphin Tour - Swim with wild spinner dolphins off the Kona Coast. Experience the energy and magnificance of these highly evolved sea mammals. This is a half day boat excursion with breakfast snacks and lunch provided.

Prices are dependent on the tour selected, number of people in your group and time of the year.
Our prices range approximately from $120 per person to $250 per person. Please call for your quote.

Custom Tours:

We help you design the perfect tour for you and your group. We will provide all the services you require leaving you free to enjoy the entire experience. Minimum group of 4 adults, up to two children free.

Coming Soon!

Aquaculture Tour - Tour of private fish ponds and anchialine ponds where the Hawaiian Volcano shrimp live in East Hawaii. This includes swiming and snorkling in tidepools and van tour
of the lava coast. Includes lunch.

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