Watch our Opae Ula in action - Video

Aloha! The Hawaii Opae Ula Farm & Aquarium is an actual farm hidden in the jungle of Big Island, Hawaii. With lava tubes connecting the ocean to underground fresh water, natural anchialine ponds occur throughout the region. Depending upon the exact location, the pond water can vary in salinity and in temperature.

We farm our Opae Ula in the wild, in anchialine ponds on private properties. These private ponds are some of the largest natural Opae Ula aquariums in the world. In this environment, our Opae Ula grow strong, healthy and happy.

Our Purpose is to maintain a natural environment for the Opae Ula to live and breed.
We maintain the anchialine ponds keeping them free from pollutants and predators.

Our Vision is to provide new homes all over the world that emulate the natural environment. We believe the peace and serenity of the Opae Ula will create harmony in any environment.

Our Pledge is never to sell the Opae Ula as fish food or in a sealed environment for use as a desk ornament. We will only sell them as aquarium pets or for breeding. If you are interested in being a caretaker or dealer of Opae Ula, visit our Aquahomes page for ordering information.

Mahalo for your interest!

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